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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about us…..  and have asked :-)

I have a friend who can videotape my wedding, is it really necessary to hire a videographer?
This is one of my favorite questions, and it has a very simple answer….  would you ask a friend to photograph your wedding for you?  Of course not…  so why would you ask them to videotape it for you.  If you want a high quality professional wedding video…. then you hire a professional.  A friend at your wedding would not be able to provide you with the type of video that you will get when you hire us.

  • How long have you been in business?

We’ve been in business for over six years now.  We’ve filmed in a wide variety of different venues with weddings ranging from very religious to non-denominational .

  • Will you be the ones showing up to film my wedding?

Absolutely…. when you hire Ever After Cinema, you are hiring us!  And we will be with you on your big day.

  • What do you consider your “style” to be?

We are a mix between cinematic and documentary.  We create artistic and creative shots and mix them with the normal flow of your day to create an interesting and accurate account of your wedding.

  • How do you coordinate with our photographer?

Working along side photographers is one of the most important things we will do on the day of your wedding.  Both photography and videography will be close to you through out the day.  We understand that there are specific shots that the photographer wants/needs to get as well as we are sure they understand the same for us.  We will coordinate with your photographer to make sure we work together smoothly during the ceremony as well as during other crucial moments of the day.

  • How many other weddings are you filming on my wedding day?

We only film one event per day.  And depending on the amount of time we might spend with you, we may only film one wedding per weekend.  So once you have signed with us, we are your’s 100%!

  • Do you have a back up camera?

Yes we do, we bring along an additional camera in the event anything should happen.

  • Do you use lighting, and if so, when?

We have a couple of different lights that we use.  We have on camera lights that can be used throughout the day as well as additional off camera video lights.  The off camera lights will be used when necessary and are set up on light stands that can be moved around and placed in a specific place to create a desired affect.  All the lights have a dimmer so they can be set to the desired brightness.

  • What is the difference between high definition and bluray?

Sometimes the wording for HD and bluray and standard definition can get a little confusing, so we get asked this question a lot.  High definition (HD) is delivered on a bluray disk and can only be viewed with a bluray player.  A regular DVD player cannot playback a bluray disk.  You cannot have a HD video on a standard DVD.  Even if (and this is getting a little techy here) you were to burn an HD file onto a standard DVD it would require a bluray player to play it back.  So to keep it simple….  HD is bluray and bluray is HD and you need to have a bluray player to watch it.

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